VK5RSC : 10m Voice Repeater 29.620Mhz (-100 kHz offset).

Status: Active

2m Simplex Gateway 147.675Mhz (141.3Hz) CTCSS.

Status: Active


VK5RSV : 2 Meter Voice/Data Repeater. 146.675 MHz (-600 kHz offset). 

Status: Active


VK5RSC : 70 Centimetre Voice Repeater 439.825MHz  C4FM and FM (-5 MHz offset).

Status: Active


VK5RSC-1 : APRS Digipeater 145.175 MHz (1200baud) simplex.

Status: Active


VK5RSC : 23 Centimetre Voice Repeater 1273.450MHz (-20 MHz offset). 

Moving to new location. Available Soon!


VK5RSC : IRLP & Echolink Nodes - IRLP 6278 / ECHOLINK 399996.

Status: Offline



The club currently hosts the IRLP Node #6278 and Echolink Node #399996, at its VK5RSC 70cm Voice Repeater on 439.825MHz on Mt. Terrible.

Status: Offline


The node is operational and available 24 hours a day,  for all to use and is currently operating via a pin access system.  You must identify prior to entering any acess and dtmf command for the node to properly function.
This is a standard practice and has had security installed to ensure that everyone announces their call prior to operating the node.
Future events on the node are a monthly net every 2nd Tuesday of the Month connecting to AMSAT Australia.

Any comments or feedback can be directed to Node Admin via email address


Pass code required contact the secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.