The VK5RSV-3 and VK5LEX-3  BBS's & Packet Nodes

We are in the process of setting up a Adelaide Packet Local Area Network (LAN), with VK5RSV-3 located at Seaford in the Southern Suburbs and the other, VK5LEX-3 located at Modbury in the Northern Suburbs.

For more information regarding the Packet BBS and Nodes, please contact:

Stef VK5HSX This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    or    Dave VK5LEX This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Operational Information

Frequency: 144.700 (as 0000hrs 13/11/2023)  previously 147.600 MHz Simplex

Baud: 1200 baud AFSK

Mode: FM


The future of the South Coast Amateur Radio Packet Node setup.. Including Node, BBS and Chat.

Each system has the following setup:

Software: LinBPQ (Linux)

Hardware: Raspberry Pi

Port 1: 144.700 MHz  1200bd User Port (TNC)

Port 2: Telnet Access

Port 3: AXIP (ax25 over IP Connection)


Services Available

Netrom Node - multi-hop connections to numerous nodes.

FBB Mailbox - send and receive packet mail, bulletins and files.

BPQ Chat - chat server facilities via netrom nodes

DXCluster - (To be organised soon)


For a list of Node user commands --->

For a list of BBS user commands --->


Node Info

ADLS3:VK5RSV-3} VK5RSV-3 Amateur Packet Network Node 

VK5RSV Packet BBS is operated by the South Coast Amateur Radio Club Inc from Adelaide's South, South Australia. 
It's service area includes all of the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide.

VK5RSV is funded solely by donations and membership subscriptions to the SCARC. If you would like to 
support this service, or find our more about us, connect to the BBS task and send a message to SP SYSOP@VK5RSV

144.700 - 1200 baud (Users)   [ -]

VK5RSV                         BPQ32 FBB Packet BBS Port

ADLS3:VK5RSV-3          NET/ROM Network Node

ADLSCH:VK5RSV-4       NET/ROM Access to Chat Server

ADLSBB:VK5RSV-5       NET/ROM Access to Packet BBS

TCP/IP Node Access
TCP/IP BBS Access (under test)
HTTP Node Access

This system is open for all amateurs to use.  Unauthorised access prohibited under state & federal laws.

Type BBS to connect to the BBS.
Type CHAT to to CHAT server.

If you have packet equipment and wish to connect up by client or add a node, by all means.

Send message to